The Lusaka Sunday League Football was formed in March 2015. It currently consists of 14 teams. Sunday League is an 11 a-side football competition. We operate a league system which ensures that teams are competing against opponents of a similar ability. The season runs from March to November. You can see this seasons Fixtures/Results from the league from the tabs above as well as other information.


  • Queensmead Stadium
  • Bank of Zambia Sports Complex
  • Zamsure Sports Complex
  • Napsa Sports Complex
  • Fallsway Arena
  • ISL Grounds
  • Barcelona Arena
  • Lusaka Club


  • Sunday Mornings/Afternoons ; Kick off times vary


  • Teams can register up to 30 players for the season with a minimum of 18
  • Maximum 20 players per squad on match day
  • Each match is two halves of 45 minutes
  • All matches officiated

Sunday League Cup

Once the Sunday League campaign has started , there is the chance for teams to compete in a Cup format competition after the league has ended.

For more information on Sunday Leagues go to our contact us page.

League Rules

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The named Team Organiser will be responsible for ensuring that his team fulfils all the fixtures at the correct times and for advising his players of their match times. Failure to turn up for a match at the stated time will result in an automatic 3-0 defeat. All games will be played on the same day, unless otherwise. The home side is responsible for booking a pitch. The games will be set in blocks then a dark weekend (no league fixtures) . This will allow games that may have not taken place due to unforeseen circumstances to happen or friendly matches with other opponents as well as cup games. The home team is responsible for hosting the away team and must notify them of the venue not less than 24 hours before kick off.

Teams are allowed to register up to 30 players and with a minimum of 18 players. This means that if you have registered 25 players and have 5 empty slots, you can inform admin a week in advance about your player and that player will be added to your squad list. The player must not be registered with any other team in the Sunday League. Teams can name a squad of up to 20 players all of whom can play during a match. Only 11 players may play at any one time, one of which must be a goalkeeper. Rolling substitutions are allowed throughout the game through usual notification of the referee. Substitutions may only take place when the ball is out of play. Players must enter and leave the field of play from the sideline near the halfway line. Players may only play for one team in the Competition. If an individual plays for one team, then another; the second team he plays for will be docked 3 points and he will be banned until the transfer window. Pro Player Representation – Teams are allowed to have a 2:9 pro player representation excluding the goalkeeper. This means at any given time you can only have 2 professional players on the field (excluding the goalkeeper who can also be a pro). A professional football player is a person that plays active football for a living. A pro as per LSL is any individual pursuing a career in the sport and has been affiliated to a professional football team or is currently registered with one (FIFA Affiliation).
The pro quota has been capped to 6 registered pro players per team, with only 2 pros being on the pitch at a time. Keepers are exempted meaning you can have a pro keeper and two outfield pro players.
Retired “pros” are exempt. A professional player is a player registered with the TOP FAZ leagues with his registration also with FIFA. FAZ Super/Premier League players and National League players are NOT allowed/permitted to play in the Sunday League, however Regional Division 1 and below are allowed to participate. Amateur leagues and Futsal do not constitute as pro leagues


Each match will be 45 minutes each way with a 5-minute half time break during which teams must change ends. Captains should toss a coin to decide ends and kick off.

All players within a team must wear shirts of identical or similar colours



The normal rules of play shall prevail at all times. Each team will have two representatives. There will be a sheet on match day where a representative from both teams will be handed in. The sheet will contain information on the result, line up, goals scored and goal scorers. The ref to be used will have to be agreed by representatives of both teams.

All players must be registered with the league administration. Teams that field an ineligible player to seek an advantage over an opponent shall be automatically docked 3 points, with a 3-0 scoreline being awarded to their opponents. No player can be registered outside the transfer window unless the team has a provision and admin is given ample notice.

YELLOW/RED CARDS – Yellow cards do not accumulate during the league. In the event a player is sent off he cannot be replaced and he receives an automatic one game ban. If the sending off is due to violent conduct, the incident will be reviewed by the league administration and disciplinary committee. TRANSFERS – The transfer window will be open mid season for 10-14 days. A player cannot play for more than 2 clubs in one season. 



All referees appointed will be neutral. All players are responsible for playing in an acceptable manner and for accepting the rules of play fairly.



All fixtures, results and other notices will be on the League website and Facebook page. Updates will be made after every league round and will be available by Tuesday. Statistics will he updated between Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be 14 teams. Each team will play all the other teams twice in a home and away tie. The scoring system will be as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 point for a loss, a loss for failure to turn up. In the event of 2 or more teams being equal on points after all matches have been played, the team with the highest goal difference will take precedence in the table. Prizes will be given to the winning team of the competition at the end of the league.



Both teams must report score and scorers to the organisers immediately after their match